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Pettsitting Contract


By and between the owners mentioned below, in case of vacation / absence






zip code / location:





and the petsitter


Gabriele Hoppach

Weidenhäuser Str. 91

35037 Marburg

Tel. 06421-15270





the following petsitting contract is established:


Name(s) of pet(s):




Species / Race:


Castrated? Age?

First day:


Last day:

Tattoo number left ear:


Tattoo number right ear:

Fur color / pattern:

Implant? Yes*     *No

Should the animal(s) run away: Where is it / are they registered?



Any disabilities, illnesses or spezial needs?



Any spezial characteristics (e.g. climbs through tilted window, will only drink running water).






Any food restrictions?


Any extra food allowed (e.g. fish, cooked vegetables without spices, meat)?:




1)     The petsitter shall keep the animal(s) mentioned above at her home only to take care of them as is agreed with the owner.


2)     The owners of the pet(s) in question shal provide all necessary vaccinations and other veterinary treatment before the beginning of their absence.


3)     In case of any unforseen problems, the petsitter shall inform the owners or their representative. Should the owners travel to another country, they must name a representative who is familiar with the pet(s).


4)     Moreover, it is recommended that the owners or their representative contact the petsitter once or twice within the first two weeks in order to make sure their pet(s) is / are doing well. Further contact shall be made according to agreement with the petsitter.



Where can the owners be contacted during the petsitting period?[1]


Name / address (hotel, friends, relatives etc. )




zip code / location:


Phone / mobile / e-mail  or fax:



The owners can be contacted directly at:


Phone (convenient time, answering-machine?)

Mobile phone:








5)     If not explicitly indicated otherwise by the owner, the pet(s) is / are in perfect health at the beginning of the petsitting period. The owners have mentioned any disabilities, illness or special characteristics known to them.



petsitting contract Gabriele Hoppach, Marburg

http://www.marburger-haustierpflege.de  //  http://www.reico-vital.com/ghoppach


6)     The pets´ insurance or owners are liable for any damage, veterinary costs, transport costs or other expenses related to the pet(s) durint the petsitting period. Such expenses can be paid initially from the petsitting fee. The petsitter is neither liable for sudden illnesses nor runaway pets.


7)     The owners must reemburse extra expenses within two or three days after their return home. The petsitter shall present receipts or invoices.


8)     For the services agreed upon, the petsitter will receive a fee of EUR ________________ per day and pet to be paid in

       cash at the beginning of the petsitting period. Total amount:EUR____________________________


9)     Should the owners return sooner than expected, the corresponding part of the fee can be reembursed.


In case of prolonged absence, the owners shal pay the additional fee when picking up the pet(s) or as is agreed with the petsitter.


             _______________________Euros to be paid until ___________:



Please note:


10) The petsitter will only take in castrated or sterilized cats and dogs; she will only keep pets who are free from contagious diseases.

11)The owners have provided all necessary vaccinations in time.

12)Vaccination passes must be presented to the petsitter beforehand and will remain with her during the petsitting period.

13)It is recommended to to agree upon a to or three days free of charge testing period, if the pets are new to the petsitter and in case of cats used to roam the streets. This is not necessary if the petsitter tends to the pets in their owners´ home.

14)If this contract is terminated by the owners a week before the date agreed upon or after that without any grave reasons (death of a relative, a serious illness), the petsitter will charge 50% of the fee stated in this contract.

Preferred veterinarian (in or near Marburg)





zip code / location:




Consulting hours: From                       to                          o´clock




Please do not forget to bring:


  • Vaccination pass/medicine

  • food, litterbox for the cat, accessories

  • Your pet´s favorite toy

  • bed

  • bisquits

  • spezial accessories for rodents (e.g. twigs)

  • fee

  • Further important addresses


Here is your space for annotations or changes:

(e.g. Who recommended my services to you? This client wil receive one day of petsitting free of charge next time ****)




0 For information about petsitting at the owners´ home, please read the complementary contract.








Gabi Hoppach


Pet owner



[1] if direct contact is impossible


2. Contract for petsitting at pet owners´ home

Complementary contract along with petsitting contract established on ________________ with Ms/Mr.:___________________



Petsitter and pet owner agree upon the following terms:

1.     Ms. Hoppach will be handed the key to the pet owners´ home; thereby she will be given permission to enter said home at least once a day.


2. This permission is valid fort he period (please mark) from

                        ____________________ to _____________________


                        Please check dates defined in petsitting contract

3.There is no money nor any fragile or other valuable objects in the owners´ home. Such objects are to be kept in a safe place. (Exceptions: tv, telephone, stereo and computer).

4. The petsitter is obligated to close all windows and lock all outside doors when leaving the owners´ home.

5. The petsitter is not liable fort heft, burglary or any other damage caused by other people to the pet owners´ hous / appartment or garden. The same is valid for cases of force majeure.

6. During the petsitting period, the petsitter offers the following additional services (please mark)


  • To check the mailbox, forward letters and faxes to address indicated by the pet owners


  • To water flowers and garden if necessary


  • To answer the phone, write down messages or pass them on


  • To take care of_________________________________

More details about item no. 6 (e.g. spezial care for plants)

7. Neighbors who have been informed about the presence of pets and petsitter and who hold a second key to the owners´ home (floor; number; in case they live in a different building, should Ms. Hoppach introduce herself to them?)




8. Are there any other people who hold a key to the owners´ home during the relevant period?

       (Name, phone number)




9. In case Ms. Hoppach has to stay in the pet owners´ home, and there is no Telefone flatrate:


Ø      Please connect a divice to count the spent units or

Ø      Solicit a detailed Telefone bill


These are the only ways to prove and calculate all Telefone costs occured during the petsitting period. Ms Hoppach will reimburse such costs as soon as possible.

There will be no liability for any damages caused while working as petsitter.


10. Other important matters:



Marburg, ______________________(key has been handed over)    

Owner´s signature                                                           petsitter´s signature: 

___________________________________         ____________________________________


Address of propriety or else information about the appartment (and appartment owner, floor, apt. Number, address): he petsitter will look after the pet(s) in their owners´ home.